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Kilmorie is back on-line!

I am pleased to announce that after a two year break the Kilmorie website is back! The Kilmorie domain name was easily purchased, and a friend of a friend kindly provided me with some free web space.

The new website is administered by various people connected with Kilmorie (list found below) - but should anyone wish to help run this site in any way (be it by providing information, updating the pages, suggesting improvements, or administering the site) you are most welcome - and encouraged - to help. The site can not be run on it's own and most of us have full time jobs to hold down as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

These pages were orginally compiled by Dr K, formerly the Assistant Warden of Exeter Halls (1992-99). Dr. Mike Kelly dedicated himself to researching the archives of Kilmorie and collected all the original information in his own time. We are forever grateful for the efforts he put into getting the archives electronically accessible and keeping the traditions of Kilmorie alive.

This site is based on Mike's work. It is continually being updated by a number of individuals. Please get in touch if you think you can help, no matter how small that help is. I can supply you with the site administration passwords. Current administrators include:

  1. Rob Blakemore First Year Representative, 1994-95. Lord High Keeper of the Archives, 1996-7.
  2. Mike Kelly Assistant Warden of Exeter Halls (1992-99). Resident Warden in Kilmorie, 1996-99.

We would like to thank every 'Kilmoron' who has provided corrections to the site or provided copies of missing photographs. We implore every Kilmoron to continue sending information.

A toast to the Beagles!!!, Where's Mr Hanton-Rutherford?????